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Services are Sunday mornings at 9am, here at the church or online. We are a joyful group of wounded, forgiven, hungry and fed people of all ages and experiences.  We love to laugh but we are also ready to bear one another’s burdens and share the love of Christ with others. 

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Preparing for Christ the Light of the World

Advent ushers in a new church year. Worship life at Bethany Lutheran will remember Christ is Light for the World.  Christians believe Christ is this very light which the world craves and longs for. Lives more often than not maneuver contrary to Christ’s life-giving promise. People can easily get caught up in darkness instead.  The light of Christ in a dark universe brings peace and order to our business of living.  An alert Christian knows this. Advent addresses our calendars, choices, plans by a baby who strongly identifies himself with us. Bethany Lutheran uses December to prepare itself for Christmas and a new year.


Join us for worship at 9 am on Sunday mornings! In person or on-line