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The Evangelical Church in America invites congregations to apply for “Open Doors” grants to support ministries as we return to in-person worship and gatherings. As we resume in-person gatherings we are not simply reclaiming our physical worship space. We are being reclaimed by God and one another in the Spirit as we return to physical community. As people freed by the gift of God’s love and grace, how might we share that gift with others who might need it too?

>How can we meet new people, especially as we crave community following a time of unprecedented isolation?

>How might we stay connected with people who have not visited our church buildings but joined us online?

>As we adjust to post-pandemic life, how can we create new ideas to meet the changing needs of our communities?

Who can apply? Any ELCA congregation with a specific and actionable idea for how its ministry might enable members to meet new people while regathering in community as COVID-19 considerations allow is welcome to apply.

Share your thoughts and ideas Do you have some thoughts or a creative idea on how we might reach out to others in our community as we open our doors? We would like to hear them and we encourage you to share those ideas with our Evangelism Ministry Team chair, Pixie Jensen – email: or via phone call at 712-283-2029.

Time is of the essence This invitation has a timeline. Grant applications are currently be accepted with a deadline to apply of May 14 and a deadline to complete the application of May 19. For more information and a list of answers to frequently asked questions, visit this link:

Open doors invite us in to gather and open doors send us out to meet our neighbors. Be inspired!